5-Steps To Personal Well-Being

Teens are often so wrapped up in their own emotions that they have a hard time getting out of themselves and seeing the bigger picture. At Mindful Healing, we teach a 5-Step process that helps them with this. By learning to follow the acronym, CLEAN, teens learn how to take the spotlight off of themselves so they can more fully enjoy life:

C: Connect with family and friends. One of our basic human needs is connection. How many of us would not get to exercise, for example, if we didn’t have someone to go with? Or go to a movie, if we were alone? By connecting to others, we can receive and give empathy, validation, caring, step outside of ourselves and feel good about being with others.

L: Learn something new and challenge yourself. Let’s face it- teens can get into ruts, glued to their phones, focused on their video games, obsessed with social media… ruts that cause them to isolate, dull their minds, and narrow their world. By learning something new, your teen can discover new aspects of themselves, develop confidence in new ways and find connections with others.

E: Exercise. Exercise is essential to emotional well-being. Just as trauma and unhappy experiences can create negative chemical pathways in the brain, exercise can also affect the brain… in positive ways by reducing stress, creating new neural pathways that will increase the ability to become emotionally stronger, and resilient.

A: Acts of kindness. Acts of kindness to others are acts of kindness to ourselves! By doing something for another person, your teen can get that “feel good” surge that helps them not only connect to others, but also feel good about themselves!

N: Notice. Be curious. By becoming aware of their environment, they are not being focused on themselves. Awareness leads to curiosity which leads to new experiences which leads to new challenges which then often leads to connecting to others. Being curious means, above all, savoring the moment!

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