For Teens and Young Adults Who Are Ready To Gain Control of Their Emotions and Live a Life They Love!

Does your teen/Young Adult:

  • • Get upset easily and have difficulty calming down
  • • Make critical judgements or statements about themself
  • • Avoid feeling by shutting down or self-harming
  • • Tend to dwell on the negative parts of life
  • • Switch friend groups often or have difficulty maintaining friendships
  • • Feel trapped by their own anxiety
  • • Sometimes feel like they are a burden to others


Put an End To:

Overwhelming anxiety
Extreme mood swings
Self-injurious behaviors
Inability to cope with setbacks

DBT Is An Evidence-Based Program That Has Been Scientifically Proven To Help Teens/Young Adults:

  • • Learn to be aware of their feelings in the moment so they have the space to make healthy choices rather react in unhelpful ways
  • • Develop concrete coping strategies to deal with distress so they no longer make the situation worse with self-destructive or impulsive behaviors
  • • Learn to communicate effectively and ask for help before the crisis occurs so they can maintain healthy long-term relationships

DBT Skill Are The Most Effective Way To Go From Anxious, Withdrawn, Helpless, and Depressed To:  

• Confident in who they are
• Comfortable in their own skin
• Hopeful about their future
•  Feeling in control of their emotions
• Living a life they love!