8 Ways To Handle Distress In The Moment

When your teen is in distress things may feel  hopeless, unmanageable, or out of control. You teen may go to any length to make their distressing feelings stop. Some teens are impulsive, while others self-destructive.

For individuals, who have difficulty tolerating distress, it feels impossible to tolerate their feelings. It can even seem like the present pain and suffering will never end. It is not surprising with these thoughts and feelings that teens who struggle with tolerating distress resort to destructive, impulsive, and out-of-control behaviors.

In DBT, we teach the Distress Tolerance Skill ACCEPTS to help teens learn how to handle their emotions until they are able to address or resolve them at a later time. Watch this video for more information about the acronym ACCEPTS and how to use it:

If you want to learn more about DBT and how it can help your teen please schedule your free 15-min consultation here.

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