How do I know if my teen needs therapy or is just being a moody teen?

This is a great question and very common. I cannot answer this without meeting your teen, but I can give you some general things to be aware of. If your teen is exhibiting:

  • Isolation
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Angry outburst or consistent irritability
  • Constant worry
  • Perfectionist tendencies
  • Change in peer group
  • Negative self-talk or view of the world

They may be in need of an assessment by a licensed mental health professional to help you determine the best next steps.

What if my teen doesn’t want to go to therapy?

Very often teens do not want to admit to themselves that they cannot manage their own lives. Often, they are unaware of the full consequences of their actions. As parents it is difficult to be the “bad guy,” but underneath it all that is what your teen needs to feel emotionally safe. Teens need limits and someone to help them find boundaries when they don’t know where they are. The last thing they want to do is admit to a parent that their concerns may be valid. In fact, as a therapist, I have had teens say to me, “Don’t tell my mother I said that. I don’t want her to know she is right.” It may take a while for them to fully engage in therapy and that is okay.

What should I expect to happen in therapy/When will I see results?

I know you are going to want to know when your teen is going to feel better. Progress is measured from where they started and not the goal. Often in therapy teens can feel worse before they feel better. They are processing difficult emotions and learning new skills that are challenging for them. Therapy takes time and the process is different for everyone. On average, most of my teens work with me for 6 months to 1 year.

How much do therapy sessions cost?

I am considered an out-of-network provider because I don’t accept payment directly from insurance companies. Rather than going back and forth with insurance all day, I prefer to spend my time focusing on providing the best possible therapy to my clients. We provide you with all the necessary paperwork  to submit to your insurance provider to receive reimbursement after your sessions. This has worked out really well for many of our clients.

We have a 48 hr cancellation policy and offer online therapy to you whenever possible in order to keep the consistency of therapy going.

Do You Do Online Counseling?

Yes, we offer online counseling. We are using  HIPAA compliant version of Zoom.  Please contact our intake coordinator to discuss scheduling your  online counseling sessions.

What are your appointment times?

Appointments are available Sunday-Thursday 12pm-7pm. Parent Coaching varies by scheduled appointment.