Helping Teens Focus On What Is Good

One thing that can increase suffering for teens is they have a tendency to be so focused on the negative events in their lives that they begin to emphasize them at the expense of the good. If life were a series of peaks and valleys, some teens would count only the valleys and ignore or minimize all the peaks. This can lead to increased depression, isolation, and even impact their friendships. 

As parents, you are often trying to help your teens see the positive or the “silver lining.” May get responses like, “you just don’t understand,” or “you never listen to me,” or “that’s not how it works.” 


At Mindful Healing, we encourage teens to start accumulating positive events and writing them down, or scrapbooking them, or doing collages, or engaging in other artistic expressions that helps them change that mental habit of connecting only the valleys.  

What are some of the things your teen would count as positive in their lives? Favorite foods? Recognition from peers and in what way? Awards? Family events? Favorite holidays? Family trips? Movies? Books that really spoke to them? Recreational activities that they would like to remember? A list of three things to be grateful for each day?  

You too can help your teen by encouraging them to find that silver lining and help them see how brightly it can shine!

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