Online Counseling For Teens

Due to COVID-19 teens and college students are struggling to adjust as their lives were ripped away without warning! They are dealing with tremendous change and loss.

  • •Loss of school day and structure
  • •Loss of prom, sports, graduation, theater, and more
  • •Loss of connection and peer support

As the unknowns continue to rise so does anxiety, isolation, depression, and self-harm.

  • •Will I return to school? What will happen if I don’t?
  • •Is college going to open in the fall, so I can start my freshman year?
  • •Will my parents get sick because they are still working?
  • •How will I get my online work done and maintain good grades?
  • •When is this ever going end, so I can see my friends again?

We are here to help with secure online therapy sessions! 

Online Counseling Can Support Your Teen

With the statewide school COVID-19 lockdown teenagers are facing increasing stressors. Online Therapy is not only convenient but an effective in helping teens retrain their brain to reduce avoidance, procrastination and increase feelings of happiness.

Online Counseling Can Help Your Teen:

  • •Gain perspective so they can manage feelings of loss and disappointment that often lead to problematic behaviors
  • •Develop new skills to decrease feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and isolation
  • •Learn to become aware of the emotions so they no longer avoid, procrastinate or make ineffective decision
  • •Learn to communicate effectively so they can ask for help before the crisis starts

With online counseling your teen can get help right from their phone, tablet, or computer in the comfort of their own room.