Before you had kids did you ever imagine what kind of parent you would be? Does the reality of how hard it is to keep calm overwhelm you? Are you worried you’re not as patient as you should be?

Or maybe, your friends all think you’re the most peaceful mom in the world, or a dad that is calm and logical… but privately, you “lose it” with your kids and then feel guilty, ineffective and discouraged after.

Perhaps you dreamed about what kind of parent you were going to be, but now, when you hear your voice punishing your teen, it sounds like your mother or father! What happened?

Do you wish you had someone you could go to for advice in these moments? A confidant? Someone who has been there, survived it, and has years of training and expertise to offer you?

Sounds great, but too good to be true! Who knows someone like that.

You are in the right place

Parenting Guru Dr. Elaine Tsangarides Sands provides online parent coaching to help you gain coping skills to manage your anxiety and feel confident and effective in your parenting.

Parent coaching is an empowering, non-judgmental, confidential support to help you parent at your best – even if you feel at your worst.

All from the comfort of your own home.

Mother and daughter arguing


  • Feel more confident in your parenting decisions
  • Know which tools work (and which don’t!)
  • Build a stronger relationship with your teens so they want to share things with you
  • Set loving limits that actually work
  • Learn how to raise responsible, independent, respectful teenagers
  • Manage your own anxiety as a parent
  • Have time for yourself!