Helping parents learn skills necessary to help their teen want to trust their parents, open up to them, and to feel emotionally supported by them is my strength. I also help parents learn the coping skills necessary to manage their own anxiety as they navigate this difficult period of their children’s lives.

As a therapist who has been in practice for over a quarter of a century, and as a parent of adult children (one of whom owns this practice) I know what it is like to sit “on both sides of the desk.”  I understand what it is like to worry and not know what the next best thing to do is. You think you are doing the right thing and then have your teen tell you that “you just don’t understand.”  You are left frustrated, confused, and to be honest, upset, because you are always there for your children.

Ahh…but I learned the hard way that I actually wasn’t being supportive, at least, not from their perspective! I am here to keep you from making the same mistakes! I combine my 26 years of experience as a psychotherapist with my knowledge of raising two teenagers to provide you the best possible and proven techniques to support you and your teen in making long lasting changes.


I hold advanced degrees in education and in counseling, a doctorate in Christian counseling psychology and all but the dissertation in a clinical psychology program. I have specialty certifications in psychological testing and am nationally certified to work with trauma, crisis, and loss, both in the community and school settings.

My private practice focused on working with teens and their parents for the past 22 until I transitioned my career to work as a family therapist at an adolescent residential treatment center. This uniquely qualifies me to work with parents in gaining skills. I have seen firsthand the healing that can occur when parents are provided with the proper knowledge and tools needed to support their teen!


I love being at the beach! I enjoy the soothing sounds and the beauty of the ocean. Reading is my passion, in fact, you could say I am a reading addict, a movie buff, an art aficionado… and I love to travel, all over the world.

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