Does My Teen Need Therapy?

Welcome to the quiz: Does My Teen Need Therapy?

Please note that this quiz can help you better understand yourself, your actions, and your emotions, and your teen, but it is not intended as a diagnostic tool. Please call 911 if your are experiencing an emergency or feeling suicidal.

1. Teens are known for their moodiness. Are your teens overreactions:
2. Teens require more sleep than adults. Is your teen:
3. School is becoming more and more stressful for teens today. Coping skills are not automatic for teens. Does your teen:
4. It might be ideal if our kids never touched drugs or alcohol, but let's be real, this isn't the norm. Does your teen:
5. Many of us say things like "it doesn't matter what anyone thinks," but do any of us truly believe that? We all want to be liked. Does your teen:
6. If your teen experiences sadness and/or anxiety it...
7. Most, if not all, teens have smartphones. Your teen:
8. Teens are developmentally becoming more independent. Does your teen:
9. Your child may have been one to volunteer to tell you all the facts when they were younger. As a teen do they:
10. When you ask your teen to do something do they:
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