• Initial 15-Min Consultation- FREE
  • *New Client Psychological Diagnostic Assessment (50min) – $150
  • Individual Session (50min) – $125
  • Family Session with or without Client (50min) – $125
  • Group Counseling (60min) – $55 per week or $185 monthly
  • **Phone Calls Lasting Beyond 15min – $40/15min
  • **Cancellation Fee (without providing 24 Hours’ Notice) – Full Cost of Session

*Required for all New Clients**Out of pocket costs generally not reimbursable by insurance

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Please note that as part of my yearly business review at the beginning of this year (2018), I decided to no longer accept payment directly from insurance companies. As of May 2018 I will no longer be paneled with Medicaid and Anthem.

I do not accept payment directly from but serve as an out-of network clinical provider. I am happy to assist my clients with this process. Many PPO and POS plans have Out-Of-Network (OON) benefits and you may be able to received reimbursement for a percentage of your our-of-pocket costs. I offer seasonal and package discounts as well.

Need help navigating the Out-of-Network benefits process?

Check out this wonderful resource that does the most of the work for you! https://getbetter.co/