Strong Fathers Strong Daughters

With Father’s Day approaching, it is important to understand how significant a father (or male role model) is in their daughter’s life. A father’s love and approval, his admiration for his daughter’s qualities such as her independence, maturity, integrity, beauty (all daughter’s should be made to feel beautiful by their dads!), intelligence, character, are important.

Every teen should have moments where they feel like “daddy’s princess,” that their father loves them and even more importantly, believes in them. Believes what? Believes they can manage their lives. Believes they have the capacity to solve their own problems but at the same time, knows they can count on dad to be there if they need help, solicited (note the adjective) advice, need comfort, support and encouragement. A strong loving, compassionate father can make all the difference in creating a strong, loving, compassionate capable young woman!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers, Dads, and Men playing an important role in raising ALL children today!

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