How To Have Good Sleep Habits This School Year

School is once again rearing its head! One of the most important aspects of self-care, emotional well-being, and strength, (and good grades!) is getting quality sleep. We are only a couple of weeks into the school year and many of my clients are complaining about being tired and having a hard time focusing in class and getting there work done. 

Why is this? 

Most teens need 8-9 hours of sleep and the school year isn’t conducive to this. Teens natural sleep cycle also tends to stay up later and sleep in later. So here are some tips your teen can use so that they can be prepared for this school year!

  1. Set a schedule (most people don’t realize our schedule is set by when we wake up not fall asleep so get up within an hour of the same time every day. Yes, teens that includes weekends). However, your body will naturally start to wake up at this time and you will actually feel more rested.
  2. Don’t force yourself to sleep -if your not asleep in 20 min to get out of bed. Avoid any stimulating activities like screens or eating.
  3. Avoid caffeine for 12 hours before bed.
  4.  Avoid napping!
  5. Use your bed only for sleep-avoid doing homework, reading, playing video games or using your phone in bed.
  6. Exercise and eat well. Try to be active during the day and have at least 3 balanced meals.
  7. Sleep in a comfortable environment. Make your room your safe space. Be sure it is quiet, at a comfortable sleeping temperature, your bed is comfortable, have a good pillow, etc.  Pleasant dreams…!

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