Does Your Teen Self-Harm or have self-destructive behaviors?

You have been worried about your teen for some time. Lately you have noticed your teen is isolating. You are worried they may be engaging in self-harm. Maybe they are increasingly impulsive; You notice they are telling you things like “I am not good enough,” or other self-critical statements. Perhaps your teen has intense mood swings. 

Most importantly, you desperately want your teen to be happy, healthy and SAFE.




  • • Cutting
  • • School Avoidance
  • • Self-injury or Suicidal Thoughts
  • • Mood Swings
  • • Impulsive Behaviors
  • • Angry Outbursts

Your Teen Doesn’t Have To Go Through LIfe Suffering and Overwhelmed by Emotion

We will help your teen learn to control their overwhelming feelings in the moment rather than their feelings controlling them. 

At Mindful Healing we will help your teen develop healthy coping skills to replace their impulsive and self-destructive behaviors so they can make effective choices.

By the end of therapy your teen will be able to tolerate distress in the moment without engaging in self-harm or impulsive behaviors. They will walk away with the confidence having a toolkit of coping skills and knowing how and when to use them.