At this point in your life you’ve probably bought your own car, moved into your own place, applied for university, consulted with a medical professional, and/or bought a house. I’m sure these weren’t impulsive decisions either. You probably did some research. You likely didn’t just go to the first dealership you saw and spend tens of thousands of pounds on any vehicle in the lot. Moreover, you probably didn’t take out a mortgage on a house without getting pre-approved by a bank, having a survey done, etc. These decisions and investments were most likely well-thought-out.

Fast forward to today, and you have decided to invest in yourself and consult a therapist to help you with your life goals or quality of life. How do you know the right therapist to hire for you? Is he or she a “therapist-centered” or a “client-centered”? How do you know what either of these looks like?

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