Why My Teen’s Anxiety Isn’t Getting Better Even Though They’ve Been in Therapy

Why My Teen's Anxiety Isn't Getting Better Even Though They've Been in Therapy blog

The answer to this question lies in what kind of therapy is being utilized because anxiety leads to what is known as “hot logic,” that is, logic based upon emotional reasoning which includes sensitivity to our bodily sensations and influences our decision-making. Anxiety is based in “hot logic” it is an emotional response and often disregards reason. “Cold logic” on the other hand, involves factual logic and critical analysis. DBT teaches teens how understand their “hot logic” thinking AND access “cold logic” reasoning at the same time. In DBT, we refer to this as “Wise Mind.”

Teens are often overwhelmed by their emotions which leads to poor decision-making and consequences. Cold logic, or just “talk therapy” is often not effective because they don’t understand their own physical reactions and underlying feelings that drive them. Not only that, “talk” only therapy may help them develop insight at the intellectual level, but it just isn’t enough. Teens need to identify and understand the feelings that drive them.  At Mindful Healing, we help them explore this in session and use apps to help teens track their feelings in the moment, process them and learn skills for real life change. This approach helps them connect their feelings with their mind so that they can develop real life coping skills.

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